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Medical waivers for visa applications

Find out about medical waivers which let us process your residence or temporary visa application when health criteria is not met.

A medical waiver means we may still approve your visa application without the acceptable standard of health criteria being met.

There is no application form to complete for a medical waiver. We assess whether we can issue one when we process your visa application.

Acceptable standard of health criteria for visa approvals

How we decide on medical waivers

Before we consider a medical waiver assessment for your resident or temporary visa application we first check to see:

We use different criteria when we assess whether to issue medical waivers for residence and temporary visa applications.

Medical waiver criteria for temporary visa applications

We will consider a medical waiver assessment for a temporary visa application if you:

Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

Dependent Child Resident Visa

Medical waiver criteria for residence visa applications

There are times when we cannot issue a waiver. We must decline your residence visa application if you: