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Criteria to sponsor a visa applicant

Not everyone can sponsor a migrant to come to New Zealand. Find out which people and organisations we can accept as sponsors.

Who can sponsor a visa applicant

Some people and organisations can sponsor your application, depending on the visa you apply for.

A sponsor can be :

Sponsoring family members if you are a refugee

Community Refugee Sponsorship


Having a sponsor does not guarantee we will approve your visa. You still have to meet all the other requirements of the visa you apply for.

Who cannot sponsor a visa applicant

People or organisations cannot be a sponsor if they:


The profit your employer expects to make from your work does not exclude them from being an acceptable sponsor. 

Criteria for individual sponsors

Your sponsor must:

They must live in New Zealand while they are sponsoring you (unless an exception applies).

Your sponsor cannot be:

Individuals sponsoring a student visa application

Individuals who sponsor a student visa must be a friend or family member.

If you apply for a further student visa you cannot:

Individuals sponsoring a resident visa application

Individuals who sponsor a resident visa must:

When we assess your application we can check our records to confirm the time your sponsor has spent in New Zealand as a citizen or resident.

Refugees sponsoring a family member

If you are a refugee sponsoring a family member to come to New Zealand, the rules are different.

Sponsoring family members if you are a refugee

If you are pregnant

If your sponsor intends to pay for your maternity care in New Zealand, they must supply financial records showing they can afford it.

Paying for maternity care

Criteria for organisations

The organisation must:

They cannot sponsor you if they are in receivership or liquidation.