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Evidence that you are a genuine visitor

Find out what evidence you can provide to show you are a genuine visitor to New Zealand.

Providing evidence

The evidence you provide helps us confirm that you are a genuine visitor. If you do not provide evidence it may take us longer to process your visa application.

Evidence of your travel history

Provide a copy of your current and recent passports, including:

If you live in another country

If you live in a country that is not your country of citizenship, also provide a copy of the visa that entitles you to live in that country.

Declined visa applications

If you have ever had a visa application declined by any other country, provide:

Evidence that you are visiting family or friends

If you plan to visit family or friends in New Zealand, provide their:

Evidence of your home country circumstances

Evidence of your work and living arrangements helps us decide if you are likely to return to your home country at the end of your visit.

Depending on your circumstances, evidence could include: