These are the conditions that you must meet once you have your visa.


School-aged children can study at primary or secondary school.


If travelling in and out of New Zealand, a valid multiple entry travel conditions is needed to return to New Zealand.

Changing the conditions of a visitor visa

If applying from inside New Zealand, we will normally give multiple entry travel conditions when we grant a student visa.

If there are no multiple entry travel conditions and you leave New Zealand, the visa will expire.

The travel conditions will be listed on the visa label, or in a visa letter.


The child may be allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all scheduled holidays and during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Working on a student visa

Everyone who has a job in New Zealand pays tax on what they earn. An IRD number can be applied for online through Inland Revenue.

Apply online for an IRD number

We do not grant work rights to students under 16.

The children are not allowed to be self-employed. They have to work as an employee with an employment agreement and not as an independent contractor.

Visa expiry

The child must leave New Zealand before their visa expires.

Visa expiry dates are printed on a visa label or included in a visa letter.