These are the conditions that you must meet once you have your visa.

Entry permission

You must apply for entry permission when you arrive in New Zealand. You can do this by completing an arrival card, which you are given on the way to New Zealand.

Arriving in New Zealand

You can be refused entry permission if:

  • you don’t meet our character requirements
  • your circumstances have changed since you were granted a visa
  • you refuse to let us to take your photo, or provide us with your fingerprints or an iris scan, if we ask you for them.


If you want to travel in and out of New Zealand, you must have valid multiple entry travel conditions to return to New Zealand.

Varying the conditions of a work visa

If applying from inside New Zealand, we will normally give multiple entry travel conditions when we grant a student visa.

If there are no multiple entry travel conditions and you leave New Zealand the visa will expire.

The travel conditions will be listed on the visa label or in a visa letter.


You may work only in the specific occupation, for the employer and in the location specified on your visa.

To be accredited your employer has committed to:

  • give you specific work-related settlement information and support
  • allow you time to complete study modules about working in New Zealand
  • not pass on their accreditation, recruitment or operational costs to you, and
  • comply with New Zealand employment and immigration laws.

Migrant workers have the same rights as New Zealand workers. If you think your employer is mistreating you or your workplace is unsafe, report them. Reporting them will not affect your visa.

Your employer's commitments to hire you on an AEWV

They must also pay you at least the New Zealand median wage unless your occupation is on an exemption list.

Roles exempt from the AEWV median wage threshold


You can study for up to 3 months in any 12-month period.

You may be able to do other study if it is required by your employer as part of your employment. Your employer must pay for any work-related study you need to do.

Visa expiry

You must leave New Zealand before your visa expires.

You can stay for up to 3 years if you are paid at or above the median wage and for 2 years if you are paid below the median wage. If you are paid below the median wage you need to leave New Zealand for 12 months in a row before you can apply for a further AEWV.

If your role is on the Green List you can fast-track to residence or apply for residence after 2 years working in this role in New Zealand.

Green List occupations

If you are currently paid below the median wage you may qualify for the 2021 Resident Visa if you meet the scarce or settled criteria.

2021 Resident Visa