How we define family violence for victims of family violence visas

You may be able to apply for a visa to work or live in New Zealand if you have been affected by family violence.

How we define family violence

We recognise family violence as any abuse towards you by someone you live with, who is family or close to you, that may:

  • control you or force you to do something you do not want to
  • cause you harm.

Types of abuse 

Abuse can be an isolated event or a pattern of behaviour. It can be physical, sexual or psychological.

It can include:

  • harassment, isolation, threats or other behaviour to scare you
  • financial, economic or dowry abuse
  • damage to property or abuse of pets.

You can get help from the police, government and community organisations if you or someone you know is experiencing family violence.

Services and support for family violence |  New Zealand Government

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You must have been living in a family relationship with the abuser

To be eligible to apply for the victims of family violence visas, you must have:

  • been living with the abuser, and
  • had what we call a 'family relationship' with them — this means they need to have been your partner, another family member, or someone close to you.

The abuse must have caused you to end your relationship

You must have ended your relationship with your partner as a result of the abuse. 

If the abuser was your partner, you must also no longer be living with them.

Your partner must have been a New Zealand citizen or resident

You can only apply for the victims of family violence visas if your partner was a New Zealand citizen or resident, even if they are not the person abusing you.

Victims of Family Violence Work Visa 

Victims of Family Violence Resident Visa