Immigration Control Areas International Airports

The following areas have been designated as Immigration Control Areas (ICAs).

Airport Description


All land comprising 313.9000 hectares more or less being Allotment 470 Parish of Manurewa contained in certificate of Title Number 78D/198, 78D/202, 78D/194, 78D/206, 105D/359, 78D/193, 46643, 78D/201, 109D/595 in the North Auckland Land Registration District, known as Auckland International Airport and being under the control of Auckland International Airport Limited.


All that land within the existing Airport Zone Boundary as at 03 November 1995 and permitted for use as an aerodrome with the Canterbury Regional Plan, the Paparua Section of the Christchurch Transitional District Plan and the Christchurch City Plan publicly notified June 24, 1995, and being under the control of Christchurch International Airport Ltd.

Full Particulars of all parcels of land that constitute Christchurch International Airport and its immediate environs are in detailed plan D4659 held by the Design Services Unit of Christchurch City Council.


All that land comprised in Certificates of Title 45A/73, 45A/74, 45A/75, 45A/76, 45A/77, 45A/78 and 45A/79 together with Pt Lot 1, Lots 8, 22, 24, 30, Pt Lot 39 DP 1950; Lot 16 DP 6741; Lot 1 DP 7024; Lots 13 DP 7159; Lots 3751, 66, DP 21360; Sect 170 CT 16A/1186 all in Evans Bay District together with Lot 4 DP 2094; Lots 59 DP 2385; Pt Lot 1, Pt Lot 2 DP 3166; Pt Lot 1 DP 3177; Lots 13, 57, 9 DP 5054; Pt Lot 20, Lots 2123 DP 5210; Lots 35, 36 DP 8272; Pt Lot 1, Lot 2 DP 78363; all in Watts Peninsular District together with Part Closed Road, Part Sewer Reserve and Part Harbour Reclamation being 104.12 hectares more or less in the Wellington Registry known as Wellington International Airport and being under the control of Wellington International Airport Limited.


The airport operated by Waikato Regional Airport Ltd. at Airport Road, RD2, Hamilton.


The airport operated by Queenstown Airport Cooperation Limited at Sir Henry Wigley Drive, Frankton, Queenstown.


The airport operated by Rotorua International Airport Limited at State Highway 30, Rotorua.


The airport operated by Dunedin Airport Limited at 25 Miller Road, Momona, Dunedin.