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Your commitment to New Zealand — permanent residence

When you apply for permanent residence, you must show us you are committed to living in New Zealand permanently. Find out what evidence to provide.

Showing your commitment

There are five ways you can show us your commitment to living in New Zealand permanently.  We need to see evidence of at least one of them.

Acceptable evidence of your commitment to living in New Zealand

1. You have spent enough time in New Zealand

You have spent 184 days or more in New Zealand as a resident in each of the two 12 month portions of the 24 months immediately preceding your application for permanent residence.


We’ll check our records of your travel movements.

2. You have New Zealand tax residence status

You are a tax resident in New Zealand if you:




If you have tax residence in another country, even if it’s one that New Zealand has a double tax agreement with, you can’t use your tax residence status there to show your commitment to New Zealand.


Confirmation of Tax Resident Status (INZ 1006) PDF 237KB

Inland Revenue

3. You have invested in New Zealand

You have had NZ$1,000,000 invested in New Zealand in an acceptable investment for two years or more.


Acceptable evidence of the value and ownership of funds and/or assets can include:

Read more detailed information about evidence of acceptable investments:

Acceptable investments: investor visas

4. You have a business in New Zealand

You’ve either bought or started a business in New Zealand a year or more ago. The business must be trading successfully and of benefit to New Zealand in some way. If you bought into an existing business in New Zealand you must have at least a 25% share in the business.


We will need to see both:

5. You have established a base in New Zealand

You have established your base in New Zealand by having:

You must also have either:

Evidence of owning a home
Evidence of employment

If you work for commission or a retainer, you cannot use your employment to show you have an established base in New Zealand.

Evidence of employment, if self-employed

Guide for Resident and Former Resident Visa Holders (INZ 1176) PDF 253KB