Bona fide evidence for Chinese visitors

You will need to provide evidence about your circumstances in China, and your reasons for coming to New Zealand to show you are a genuine visitor. Examples of acceptable evidence are provided below.


If you are working, provide a letter from your employer. The letter should be on official letterhead, show the authorising signature with a stamp, and include:

  • your position
  • your salary
  • your length of employment
  • leave approval from your employer
  • your employer's name and contact details


If you are retired, provide a copy of your retirement certificate and bank transactions showing any monthly pension income.

Business owner

If you are the sole or part owner of a business, provide:

  • the business licence with capital verification report
  • a statement about the business scope and the number of employees
  • recent business tax returns with an income statement
  • recent bank documents showing daily business transactions

New Zealand family and friends

If you will visit family or friends in New Zealand, provide their names, contact addresses, phone numbers and their visa or citizenship status in NZ.

Travel history

Provide a copy of your current and recent passports, including the bio-page and all pages with visa records and entry and exit stamps.