Health and medical forms and guides

Forms and Guides related to health and medical requirements.

Health guide

View the pages below for more information how your health is assessed and which medical certificates to complete. 

When you need a medical certificate

Which medical certificate do I need?

Getting an x-ray or medical examination

Guide name Guide number Date last updated
Health Requirements  PDF 265KB 1121 May 2017


Medical certificates

Before you complete this form please check to see if you are required to have your examination performed by an Immigration New Zealand appointed panel physician

Approved Panel Physicians

Form name Form number Date last updated
General Medical Certificate PDF 515KB 1007 Nov 2016
Limited Medical Certificate PDF 514KB 1201 May 2017
Chest X-ray Certificate PDF 281KB 1096 Nov 2016


Other medical forms

Form name Form number Date last updated
Details of Intended Medical Treatment  PDF 235KB 1009 Nov 2016
Information for Medical Treatment PDF 235KB 1010 May 2017
RSE Scheme Supplementary Medical Certificate  PDF 469KB 1143 November 2017
Copy of eMedical client consent and declaration PDF 297KB N/A Jul 2015