Good character for residence visas

To apply for a resident or permanent resident visa, you must be of good character.

Applicants for all visas must be of good character, not pose a security risk and not threaten New Zealand’s international reputation.

People with serious character issues can’t be granted any visa or entry permission, except in very special circumstances.

People with other character issues must have the good character requirement waived before they can be granted residence.

Serious character issues

You can't be granted a visa if you:

You will also not be granted a visa if we have reason to believe you:

If you have a serious character issue, you are normally ineligible to be granted a visa unless we grant you a special direction.

Character issues that require a character waiver

You will also not meet our character requirements for residence if you:

If your character may prevent us from granting you a visa, you should provide a full explanation about the character issue, with supporting evidence when you apply.

We will use we this information to consider waiving the character requirement or granting a special direction for very serious character issues.

Character issues that will delay your residence application

Your application for residence will be deferred if:

In these circumstances we will defer the residence application for 6 months to allow the potential issue to be resolved. Further deferrals may be made if needed.

For detailed information about Immigration New Zealand character requirements see section A5 of our Operational Manual.

Immigration New Zealand Operational Manual | A5