Process & costs

The information below will help you understand the process, timeframes and costs involved in applying for this visa, so you can plan ahead and have the best chance of submitting a complete application.

Applying on online form

Immigration costs

Application cost

NZD ($) $ 430

This is the charge for Immigration New Zealand to process your application. We do not refund application costs if we decline your application. A non-refundable immigration levy is charged and is included in the cost. An International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) of NZD $35 is charged and is included in the cost.



within 63 days

90% of applications are currently completed within this time. Timeframes are in calendar days.


Gather your documents

Prepare and gather all your documentation you need for this visa.


Submit your application

Apply online, upload your documents and pay applicable fees. Use our first-time student visa application checklist to help you.


Wait for a visa decision

If there is anything else you need to do, we will be in touch.

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