About this visa Domestic Staff of a Diplomat Work Visa

People who do domestic work for diplomatic, consular or official staff, can apply for a visa to work for their employer in New Zealand while their employer has a posting here. You’ll need to be 18 or over and have your employer’s and New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s support for your visa application. If you’re granted a visa, you’ll be able to continue to working for your employer in a domestic role, like as a cook, nanny, driver or gardener.


For the same length of time as your employer’s New Zealand posting

18 or over

All Visa Conditions

With this visa you can

  • Do domestic work for your employer while they’re in New Zealand on a diplomatic, consular or official posting.

Things to note

  • You’ll have to leave New Zealand if your employment ends before your employer’s posting does.
  • People who are already in New Zealand on a working holiday visa aren’t eligible for this visa.
  • You can't include a partner or dependent children in your visa application.

Please check that you meet the detailed criteria before you apply for a visa or travel to New Zealand

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