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What does my Working Holiday Visa let me do?

Working Holiday Visas are available to young people, and let you travel and work in New Zealand for 6, 12 or 23 months, depending on your country’s scheme. New Zealand has Working Holiday Scheme agreements with many countries, each with its own specific conditions.

Working Holiday Visa conditions determine work rights in months. For example:

  • The UK Working Holiday visa allows 12 months of work.
  • The Malaysia Working Holiday Visa allows 6 months of work.
  • The Lithuania Working Holiday Visa allows 12 months of work total, and 6 months maximum for each employer.
  • The Italy Working Holiday Visa allows 12 months of work total, and 3 months maximum for each employer.

You should check the conditions of your specific Working Holiday Visa scheme to find out how many months you are allowed to be in employment, and if any limits apply to each employer.

Working Holiday Visas

How do I calculate how much time I have left to work?

One full month of work is calculated from the start date of employment to the same date in the subsequent month. So a period lasting one full month, such as 10 February to 10 March (inclusive), would count as one month of work.

Part-months are calculated by adding together the number of calendar days between the first and last dates of the employment period, and dividing the result by 30. This may not be the same as the exact number of days you have actually worked.

Examples of the calculations can be found on The Immigration New Zealand website.

Calculating Months Worked for the Working Holiday Scheme