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Where do I submit additional documents for my application?

If you need to provide further documents for an application that is currently in process, you should send these to either:

  • The branch processing your application, if you lodged your paper application in New Zealand; or
  • The Visa Application Centre (VAC) responsible for receiving applications for the branch processing your application, if you initially lodged your application at a VAC; or
  • Uploaded to your online application if you have applied online.

Generally, if you are requested to provide additional documents you will be advised where to send them in the relevant letter or email.

Offices outside New Zealand

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Please ensure that you provide your application number, client number, and passport number (or VAC receipt number if you lodged your application at a VAC) when sending documents relating to an existing application. This means your additional documents will be correctly attached to your application.