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Can I bring my pets to New Zealand?

In most cases you can bring pets to New Zealand, however some restrictions apply. You may be required to quarantine animals, provide health certificates, and meet other requirements for a specified length of time. This can vary from 4 weeks to 6 months and will incur a cost, so planning ahead is important.

You can contact the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for information about bringing animals from other countries.

From most parts of the world, some quarantine is required. You can contact MPI about your specific needs.

Ministry of Primary Industries website

If you're wondering how your pets would make the journey, it's best to contact your chosen carrier. In general, pets are not permitted on international or trans-Tasman flights as checked baggage but may be shipped as cargo. Note that animals must be at least 3 months old to travel via Air New Zealand, and other airlines may have different regulations.

Further information is available other government websites. This is not regulated by Immigration New Zealand so we only have limited information available.

Bringing pets into New Zealand