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What are the requirements for photos submitted with visa applications?

Most visa applications require each applicant to provide two passport-size photos of their head and shoulders.

Acceptable visa photos

The photos should be less than 6 months old when the application is submitted.

Prints of digital photographs may be acceptable if they are of an acceptable quality.

What is an acceptable quality?

Photographs need to be of good enough quality so that they can be used to identify applicants. They may also be used for biometric purposes, if needed.

Immigration New Zealand may request better quality photographs if the ones provided are unclear.  

To be useful for biometric purposes, photographs need to be:

  • original
  • unaltered
  • in colour
  • vertical format
  • less than six months old

All photos must show:

  • a full-front view of the face, head and shoulders
  • the subject looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression
  • eyes open, mouth closed and head straight

Nothing should obscure the facial features. 

The background of the photos must be:

  • plain (without objects or patterns)
  • light (avoid dark colours and low contrast)
  • without shadows   

Uploading photos for online applications

There are specific requirements for online photos, in terms of the size and file specifications.

Acceptable visa photos

Error messages for online visa photos