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Year 12 & 13 students wanting to work while holding a student visa

A student visa holder studying in years 12 or 13 may be eligible for a variation of conditions allowing them to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and full-time during the Christmas-New Year vacation period. They must provide evidence that they are undertaking a full-time, full secondary school course of study in years 12 or 13, and require written permission from the school and parent/guardian.

Varying the conditions of a Student Visa

Generally, the school and the student's parent/guardian must both provide written permission to confirm that working part-time will not interfere with the primary purpose of their visa, which is to study.

Secondary school students aged 18 years or older do not require parental consent or written permission to be granted conditions allowing full-time work during the Christmas-New Year vacation period. This permission is still required for part-time work rights during the school term.