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Can I apply for Post Study Work Visa - Open without my graduation certificate?

Immigration New Zealand will not usually accept a Post Study Work Visa (previously known as Graduate Job Search visa) application without the actual graduation certificate being submitted with the application.

If you are still waiting to receive your graduation certificate we can consider other evidence supplied with your application such as;

  • An academic transcript showing final results and that the qualification was successfully completed, or
  • A letter from the academic registrar or other authorised person confirming that the qualification was successfully completed.

If you supply one of the above documents an Immigration Officer may still contact you to request your graduation certificate.

If you are waiting for your certificate or you are unable to provide any other evidence of successfully completing your qualification, and your Student Visa is getting close to expiry, you will need to apply for a Visitor Visa if you wish to remain in New Zealand and wait for your certificate before applying for the Post Study Work Visa. The usual visitor policy requirements will have to be met by you in this case.

Feel free to include a cover letter with the Visitor Visa application to explain your reasons for applying.

If you are granted a Visitor Visa to wait for your graduation certificate your Post Study Work Visa must be submitted within three calendar months (or 6 months if you have completed a Doctoral degree) of the expiry date of your Student Visa for that qualification.

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