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What is an IRD number? How do I get one?

An IRD number is a unique number given to you by New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department.

It is used by Inland Revenue, banks and financial institutions, government departments and employers to identify you for tax purposes.

You will need an IRD number if:

  • You become an employee in New Zealand, working on a Working Visa or Student Visa
  • You are starting a business in New ZZealand
  • You open a New Zealand Bank Account
  • You are registering for Working for Families Tax Credits
  • You are registering for a student loan 
  • Your child has a part-time job 
  • You file tax returns
  • You apply for child support

You can apply for an IRD number by completing an IRD number application form (IR742).

You will need a New Zealand bank account before you apply for your IRD number.

The IRD application for a tax number is asking me for an Immigration New Zealand application number, but I already hold a resident visa.  What do I provide?

You can provide your Resident Visa application number that was assigned to you when you submitted your application to Immigration New Zealand.

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