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Can I request a refund of my Expression of Interest fee?

Refunds for an Expression of Interest will only be considered where an Expression of Interest is withdrawn from the Expression of Interest Pool. This applies to both Skilled Migrant Category and Parent Category Expressions of Interest.

Refunds will not generally be considered for Expressions of Interest that have lapsed or expired because they have not been selected from their particular Expression of Interest pool.

Is there a form to request a refund for an Expression of Interest?


Customer Refund Request Form (inside New Zealand)

Customer Refund Request Form (outside New Zealand) 

The refund request form should be accompanied by an explanation of why the Expression of Interest was withdrawn and why a refund is appropriate.

Where can I send my request for an Expression of Interest refund?

Refund requests for Skilled Migrant Category Expressions of Interest should be mailed to:

  • Immigration New Zealand, PO Box 76895, Manukau City, Auckland 2241.

How long will it take for my Expression of Interest refund request to be processed?

Approximately 4 weeks. 

How do I withdraw my Expression of Interest?

  • Skilled Migrant Category Expression of Interest: log in to your Online Service account and Select "Withdraw" from the Submitted/Final Expression of Interest section.

What is the process for a Parent Category Expression of Interest?

Information on withdrawing Parent Category Expressions of Interest (and the refund process) is available on our website:

Changes to the Parent Resident Visa ⁠— applications reopen in 2020