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Visa options for the Entertainment industry

Entertainers Work Visa

Effective from 30 April 2012, there is a streamlined process, which doesn't require any guild or union referral, for applicants whose engagement in New Zealand is:

  • for 14 days or less; or
  • on an official co-production; or
  • with an accredited company

Applications that fall outside these criteria will be subject to the usual industry-led labour market testing. A work visa application form Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Personnel must be completed.

Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Personnel Work Visa Application (INZ1187)

The form has two sections. The applicant must complete the first section and the employer / production company / promoter seeking to engage the applicant must complete the supplementary form section.

Short-term live entertainment acts entering on a Visitor Visa

From 21 November 2016, live entertainment acts (including high-end music acts, comedy, family entertainment etc.) and their support crew are able to travel to New Zealand on visitor visas rather than work visas, so long as they are promoted in New Zealand by a promoter on Immigration New Zealand's Approved Promoter List.

Short-term Entertainment Act Visitor Visa

How do I become an Approved Entertainment or Arts and Music Festival Promoter?

You can read more about becoming an Approved Music Promoter:

Become an Approved Promoter


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