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How do I find a doctor in New Zealand?

As a newcomer to New Zealand you may need help finding a doctor or general practitioner (or "GP", as doctors are commonly referred to in New Zealand).

A good place to start would be to have a look at the New Zealand Now website.

Here you will find general information about Finding a general practitioner as well as a link to the Ministry of Health website.

New Zealand Now - Healthcare Services

Other Important Health Information

As well as information about finding a general practitioner, the New Zealand Now 'Healthcare Services' section also has important information about other parts of the healthcare system.

We recommend reading through this section as it also contains information on hospitals and maternity services as well as children's healthcare.

Further Information 

For more detailed information about registering with a healthcare practice, identifying a general practitioner in your area and making an appointment, please visit the Ministry of Health webpage on this topic.

Ministry of Health