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My New Zealand passport expired while overseas, but I need to travel to New Zealand urgently!

A valid passport is required when you are entering New Zealand. It is recommended that you check the validity of your passport when you are purchasing your tickets, so that you can organise a new passport ahead of your travel dates, if necessary.

If you find yourself having to organise urgent flights back to New Zealand and your New Zealand passport has expired, please contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for assistance with emergency travel document process (after-hours service is available for emergencies).

New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade - Embassies

My expired passport is from a country other than New Zealand

You will need to obtain a new passport or an emergency travel document from your country's passport issuing authority in order to travel to New Zealand. Please make sure you have any necessary visas in your new passport as well.

My New Zealand passport expired and I am travelling to other countries

You should contact the immigration service of the country/countries you are wanting to enter, to find out your options.