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When should I apply for occupational registration?

Occupational registration is a legal requirement in New Zealand for certain occupations.

Check if your job requires registration

If you have an offer of employment for an occupation that requires registration and want to apply for a temporary work visa, you must hold the relevant full or provisional registration before we can grant you the visa.

If you are submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category and want to claim points for a  skilled employment (or an offer of skilled employment) which requires New Zealand occupational registration, you must obtain either full or provisional registration before you submit your EOI.

Full or provisional registration by a New Zealand organisation authorised by law to give occupational registration may also mean your qualification is recognised (and may be eligible for the claim of points).

If you do not hold registration at the time you submit the EOI, you may not be able to claim these points. This may affect your eligibility to enter the EOI selection pool and your chances of being selected or invited to apply for residence.