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When does my Working Holiday Visa expire?

A working holiday visa becomes valid on the date your application is decided. This visa allows you to enter New Zealand within 12 months from when it is granted, which you must do before your visa expires. 
Usually this visa cannot be extended, so make sure that you apply for your Working Holiday Visa closer to your departure date.

Once you enter New Zealand on a valid working holiday visa, this is when your stay begins. So, if your scheme validity is 12 months, you would be granted entry permission for 12 months from the date you entered NZ. This is when your Working Holiday in New Zealand officially begins.

Example: A German citizen applies for their 12 month Working Holiday Visa online in January, and the visa is decided on 16 Jan 2015.

This means they must enter New Zealand before 16 Jan 2016. When they arrive in New Zealand within this 12 month timeframe they can be granted a stay of 12 months.

If they arrived in New Zealand on 1 December 2015 they would be able to stay in New Zealand until 1 December 2016 as this is 12 months from their arrival date.
A Working Holiday Visa is a once off opportunity so you cannot apply for a second one, unless you have undertaken at least 3 months of seasonal work while holding your Working Holiday Visa or you are a United Kingdom or Canadian citizen that meets specific requirements in which case you may be able to obtain an extension.

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For all other holders of this visa, you can only remain in NZ longer if you obtain a visitor visa, student visa, work visa or residence.