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Can I home school my children while we are in New Zealand temporarily?


Q: Can I home-school my children while we are in New Zealand temporarily?

A: Yes. A child on a temporary visitor visa can be home educated. 

Q: Can a home-schooled child on a visitor visa get a Variation of Conditions to work?

A: No. The child would hold a visitor visa and employment is not appropriate.

Q. Can a student on a student visa, who is being home schooled, get a VOC to work?

A. If the child is enrolled with MoE as a home-educated student, the parents should seek written permission from MoE for a VOC application. The MOE are best suited to determine whether the student would be able to balance their work and study commitments.

Written permission from the parents will also still apply when applying for a VOC to obtain work rights.

Q: My child holds a Dependent Child student visa and has been attending school. Can I now home-school them?

A: We recommend parents or guardians contact the Ministry of Education to obtain a Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment at a Registered School.

Information on home-schooling can be found on Ministry of Education's website.

Home education (home schooling)

Other short-term schooling options

Dependent children on a visitor visa can attend school in NZ for up to three months. If a child is at a school for more than two weeks, or they pay tuition fees, they would be classed as a 'student visitor' and would need to be enrolled with the school as an international student. Students who are at a school for two weeks or less and do not pay tuition fees are not considered international students and do not have to be enrolled.

if a child wishes to attend school for more than 3 months they need to hold a student visa. Details on how to make an application for a student visa can be found on our website.

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