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As an employer, who can work for me?

Before your potential employee is able to begin working for you, you must make sure they are authorised to undertake employment in New Zealand. An IRD number is not sufficient proof that a person can work in New Zealand.

One of the ways to check work entitlements is to use VisaView - an online system that can provide work eligibility details for non-citizens of New Zealand.

Check if a candidate can work for you | VisaView

If the person you wish to employ does not have authority to work in New Zealand yet, they must obtain a work visa or resident visa before beginning their employment with you.

Explore work visa options to work

If the person already holds a work visa, you should also check the conditions of their visa. Some work visas will specify the company name, location and job title for which the visa is granted. If those stated conditions do not match your company name, location and/or offered job title, your potential employee cannot begin working for you until your company details are reflected on that visa.

For more information on this process, you can refer to the related article below: "I have a work visa, but my job details are changing". You will be required to provide a completed Employer Supplementary Form to support the application to vary the conditions of that work visa.

I have a work visa but my job details are changing

Employer Supplementary Form

Other conditions placed on visas may include how many hours a person is allowed to work, which periods of the year can they be employed in, which regions and industries can they work in, and so on. Visa conditions must not be breached at any time.

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