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Where can I find a list of panel physicians?

Any medical certificates and chest X-rays must be completed:

  1. by an Immigration New Zealand-appointed panel physician and radiologist if there is one in your country; or
  2. a registered medical practitioner and radiologist if there is no New Zealand-appointed panel physician in that country.

If it is not possible to complete the medical certificate and chest X-ray in English, they (and any accompanying laboratory or specialist reports) must be submitted with a certified translation.

Panel physicians are doctors and radiologists who are approved to complete chest X-rays and medical examinations for New Zealand visa applications.

If you need a medical examination or chest X-ray for your immigration application, you need to select a physician and/or radiologist from our approved list.

You may enter the name of the required country into the search field on the panel physicians page (e.g. United Kingdom or Kuwait) for a list of all approved doctors in that country.

Not all countries have appointed panel doctors. If there is no New Zealand-appointed panel physician in your country, a registered medical practitioner and/or radiologist may complete the required tests.

You are able to visit a panel physician in a different country if it is easier for you to do so. For instance, it may be preferable for a person in Northern Ireland (UK) to attend a panel physician in the Republic of Ireland rather than travelling to England, Scotland or Wales (UK).

If you are in New Zealand, you are also required to use a panel physician.

If you are based in New Zealand and you only need a chest X-ray you must visit a panel medical clinic. They will:

  • create a health case for you, and
  • refer you to a panel radiology clinic to get the chest X-ray.

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