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How long will my student visa be valid for, if granted?

In most cases, the length of the visa depends on the length of your course. However, certain personal circumstances may affect the length of your visa as well.

The most common reason your student visa may be issued for a lesser time is due to your passport expiry date. Your student visa will have to expire before your passport does. 

If you are in this situation, you will have to renew your passport and then apply for a new student visa, if you wish to continue studying.

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You may otherwise find that your student visa was issued with a balance to be claimed. You would generally be advised of this in your student visa decision letter. You can request any balance owing on your visa by completing a transfer request when you obtain a new passport.

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The length of your student visa could also be affected by the amount of maintenance funds shown with your application, or the duration of the course fees you have paid.

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