My application

This section gives you the details of your Immigration New Zealand online activities.

If you click on the blue 'My application' band, or the words 'Find out more' you will get a pop-up screen that will show you further information about:

  • Your Immigration Status - a summary of your current immigration visas and permits.
  • Your Immigration Applications - a list of all those completed and those currently being processed.
  • Your online applications, including the ones you are working on and have saved.
  • Your pending and previous applications.


Understanding the status of your current visa or permit application

Decision status Status at Immigration
- Pending +
No visible Lodgement date
Your application has been received by INZ but we must first check whether it meets basic requirements for assessment (is there a correct form/ fee etc).
- Pending +
Visible Lodgement date
We have now accepted your application for assessment.
- Approved +
No visible Expiry date
We have approved your application, but not yet issued your visa or permit.
- Approved +
Visible Expiry date           
We have approved your application and issued your visa or permit.
- Failed Lodgement
No visible Lodgement date

We have not been able to accept your application for assessment, as basic documentation is missing.

Your documents will be returned to you shortly along with guidance for resubmitting your application to INZ.