Create an EOI

Submit an expression of interest (EOI) to notify Immigration New Zealand you want to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category to live in New Zealand permanently.

Deciding to submit an EOI

The Skilled Migrant Category 'Points Indicator' assesses if you have enough points to be invited to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category. If you have enough points, then you can decide whether or not to submit an EOI.

Points indicator for Skilled Migrant Expression of Interest

EOIs are selected on the third Wednesday of each month. All EOIs with at least 180 points will be selected.

Skilled Migrant Category reopening

Fee for submitting an EOI

There is a fee required when you submit an EOI. If you meet the points criteria we recommend you complete an EOI online and then decide whether or not to submit it.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Time it takes to complete an EOI online

If you have the information you need and are familiar with the Skilled Migrant policy, you may be able to complete the online EOI in less than 2 hours.

If you cannot complete the online EOI in 'one sitting', save your details and complete it over a period of time.

Name your EOI

Enter a name for your EOI so you can identify it. You can prepare more than one EOI, for example, to compare points totals you could prepare an EOI using one qualification and then another EOI using another qualification. However, you can only submit one EOI.

Tips to help you fill out the EOI form

  • Use the Validate button to check your input. If you tick the 'Display Mandatory fields' option, the requirement for each mandatory field is displayed beside each field that contains an error.
  • You can monitor your progress as you fill out the form by watching the bar beside the word 'Progress'. The bar fills up with red as the sections are completed.
  • You will also notice at the top right of the screen in blue the words 'Printable Version'.
  • Each section of the form is listed. Beside each section is the points calculation for the section and Yes/No. 'Yes' means the section is complete, that is, all mandatory fields are complete. 'No' means all mandatory fields are not complete.

Start preparing an EOI

To prepare and submit an EOI, create an Immigration Online Services account, and then log in to start.

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