Request for travel to New Zealand

Use this form if you have a critical reason to travel to New Zealand while the COVID-19 border restrictions are in place.

When to use this form

You can only request to travel to New Zealand while the border is closed if one of the critical purpose reasons applies to you.

Reasons you can travel to New Zealand

What to do when you arrive in New Zealand

When you arrive in New Zealand you must enter managed isolation or quarantine, and follow the directions of a medical officer of health.


The fee to request entry to New Zealand is NZD $45 for each person. If you are an Australian who normally resides in New Zealand, you will not be charged a fee.

You will be charged a fee at the end of the form. You can pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit card.


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Reason for travel


Having enough money to live on is a requirement of your student visa application. You will need NZD $20,000 for each year you are in New Zealand.
What type of evidence to provide


More information is available on the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) website.

Work visa holder who normally lives and works in NZ


Your employer will need to provide a witnessed statutory declaration, declaring you are still employed in your same job when you left New Zealand, if your request is successful.

Work visa questions


You can find what skill level the work your Essential Skills Work Visa was granted for by looking at the conditions section on your eVisa.
What is an eVisa?


For example, you were able to work from overseas remotely or your employer kept your job open and did not fill the position.

Principal applicant passport details

You are the principal applicant if you are requesting to travel to New Zealand. 


Your passport details below must match the passport you will travel to New Zealand on.

If you want your partner and your dependent children to come with you to New Zealand, you must fill in the secondary applicants section below.

Principal applicant contact details


Make sure your email address is correct. This is how we will contact you and send you the payment receipt.


An adviser is someone who acts on behalf of the principal applicant.

Secondary applicant details

A secondary applicant needs to be your child or partner.

If you have more than one dependent child, you must give information for each of them.

Secondary applicant

Character details

The following questions apply to everyone included in this request aged 17 years and over.

Health details

Your answers must be for you and anyone included in your request.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ)

You must stay in either managed isolation or quarantine for at least 14 days when you arrive in New Zealand. This is an important precaution to stop the spread of COVID-19. Find out more on the MIQ website — this includes information on fees, applying for an exemption, and how to reserve a place in a managed isolation facility before travelling to New Zealand.

Managed isolation and quarantine |

Upload supporting evidence

You are required to provide supporting evidence for your request.

Australian citizens and permanent resident visa holders
Upload a copy of the passport page showing the photo and passport information for every person included in this request. If you hold an Australian permanent resident visa, provide either a copy of your eVisa letter or a copy of your visa label.

Evidence of relationship to your New Zealand partner
Upload evidence of your relationship with your New Zealand partner. Evidence may include:

  • marriage or civil union certificate
  • evidence you own assets together
  • joint bank accounts
  • joint rental agreements
  • joint utilities accounts — like power or phone bills.

Provide evidence that your New Zealand partner supports this Request to Travel to New Zealand.

Evidence of relationship to your dependent child
If you have included a dependent child in this request then you will need to upload supporting evidence of this relationship. Evidence may include:

  • birth certificates
  • any adoption records — if applicable
  • evidence of legal guardianship — if applicable
  • evidence of your right to remove the child from their country of residence – if applicable.


Each file must be a PDF and less than 10MB. You can only upload 3 files.


Each file must be a PDF and less than 10MB. You can only upload 3 files.


Each file must be a PDF and less than 10MB. You can only upload 6 files.


Each file must be a PDF and less than 10MB. You can only upload 4 files.


Read our privacy statement.  Privacy

  • I have read and understood the INZ Privacy Statement. To the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in this form is accurate, and I have answered the questions truthfully and correctly.
  • I understand that Immigration New Zealand is collecting information about me and any secondary applicants in this application to decide if we are eligible to be invited to apply for a visa under immigration instructions.
  • I consent for Immigration New Zealand to share my information with other New Zealand government and non-government agencies to the extent necessary to make a decision about this application.
  • I consent for other government and non-government agencies to provide information about me to the extent necessary to make a decision about this application.