Resources for your migrant staff

When people migrate to New Zealand they must learn a new culture and way of working. These resources will help them settle in and adapt to their new life.

Planning to move

We have a website that helps migrants to plan their move to New Zealand. NZ Ready assists new, and potential, migrants with the planning of their migration journey; from place of origin, through the move, to settling here.

NZ Ready planning tool

Working and living in New Zealand

Live and Work New Zealand is our main website for advice on working and living in New Zealand. There is also lots of advice for migrants on settling here with their family, and all the things they’ll need to know about housing, schooling, healthcare, and recreation.

Live and work New Zealand

There is also a website that explains options for International students to work while in New Zealand to study.

NauMai NZ website

Working in New Zealand

How we work in New Zealand

What’s expected of migrants at work, and how people relate to each other in the workplace is slightly different in every country. We provide some advice on how we work in New Zealand.

New Zealand way of working | Live and work New Zealand

Support in the workplace

Starting any new job is always stressful. Starting a new job in a new country where people do things differently is even harder. We explain the workplace culture and where to find help to fit in.


The Immigration New Zealand Guides for working in New Zealand are currently being reviewed and updated to reflect recent changes.

Your rights in the workplace

When working in New Zealand people have minimum employment rights. It’s important that people understand their rights, and where to get help and advice.

Minimum employment rights | Employment New Zealand

How to order resources

To order printed settlement resources, complete the order form (minimum order 10 items):

Print resources portal

Resources for you

If you’re looking for settlement resources that you can use as an employer, we have resources and websites for employers too.

Resources for you