Supporting and welcoming your new AEWV migrants

Information and resources to help you support new migrant staff to settle in New Zealand.

As an accredited employer hiring migrant workers on an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), you are required to provide your new staff with information, support, and resources to help them settle in to live in New Zealand.

You can provide this information in a format that suits both parties, for example by email or printed materials. 

You may be asked for evidence that you have done this, for example: 

  • copies of settlement information 
  • communications with AEWV holders about the information 
  • your organisation’s induction plans for new employees 
  • confirmation new employees have completed Employment New Zealand’s online modules. 

You do not need to complete settlement activities for the same AEWV holder if the information initially provided to them has not changed. 

Information to provide to new migrant employees

Accommodation options 

These may be different from other countries. For example, New Zealand rental properties are usually unfurnished and may not have features like central heating or double glazing. Migrants from some countries may expect these features to be more widely available than they are in New Zealand homes.

Include information about what sort of accommodation is available in your area and contact details for local property managers or rental agencies. If you have access to dedicated accommodation for your workers, provide the details. 

The Live and Work New Zealand website has general information about finding rental accommodation, tenancy agreements and costs: 

Renting a house | Live and Work New Zealand

Transport options (including driving and public transport) 

Many new migrants will be used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, different driving conditions and different driving rules.

They also need to know about public transport options. Include, as applicable, local bus and train timetables and route maps, and information from local or regional government agencies, or local transport providers, about their services in your area. 

Transport | Live and Work New Zealand

For specific information about driver licences, and how to convert an overseas driver licence to a New Zealand one, see:

Driving on New Zealand roads | New Zealand Transport Authority

Cost of living 

New migrants can be surprised by the high cost of goods and services here, especially electricity, internet, groceries and heating. INZ has developed a cost-of-living calculator to help migrants work out how much it costs to live here.


The Live and Work New Zealand website reflects pre-COVID conditions, and we will update the information soon including the existing calculator.

Cost of living calculator | Live and Work New Zealand

You could include advice about budgeting services, which is available on the website:

Getting help with your budget | New Zealand Government

Accessing health care services 

AEWV holders who are issued visas for two years or longer are eligible for publicly funded health services in New Zealand. They’ll need to find a GP but may not be used to using a GP system. Include information about local health centres, hospitals and related health care services in your area, including distances if you are located out of town. 
New migrants may also not be aware of our Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme, which covers personal injuries caused by an accident.

The Live and Work New Zealand website has general information about health care and ACC cover:

New Zealand healthcare | Live and Work New Zealand

ACC – Helping to meet the costs of personal injury | Live and Work New Zealand

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) services 

CABs offer information for migrants about settling in New Zealand and the settlement services available in local communities at 30 locations throughout New Zealand. CAB has a walk-in settlement service and offers workshops and seminars for new migrants.

Find out more: 

Access help and support | Live and Work New Zealand

Citizens Advice Bureau

Relevant community groups 

Reaching out to other people and feeling welcomed in return is an important part of settling into a new country. Find information for migrant workers on becoming part of the local community, including relevant family and community networks, children’s activities, sporting and cultural activities, places of worship and learning English. 

Meeting people | Live and Work New Zealand

The Welcoming Communities initiative brings together several local councils and communities to make places more welcoming for everyone. 

Welcoming communities

If English is a second language for your employee or their family members, they may be interested in learning options.

English language | Live and Work New Zealand

English Language Partners New Zealand

Obtaining an IRD number from Inland Revenue 

It is important for new migrant workers to know they need an Inland Revenue (IRD) number before they start working so they meet their tax obligations. Make sure they know they can apply for free on the Inland Revenue website. 

IRD number application for new arrivals | Inland Revenue 

Industry training and qualification information and options 

Include details about specific training and qualifications for your industry and the job the migrant worker is coming to do.

The Live and Work New Zealand website is a good place to start, with links to more information about qualifications in New Zealand and where and what to study. 

Qualifications and occupational registration | Live and Work New Zealand

Study in New Zealand | Live and Work New Zealand

Specific job or industry hazards 

You can keep all employees safe by making sure new migrant workers are aware of what are considered hazards in your industry, and in the specific job they will do.

Make a list for your new AEWV worker of activities, equipment and environments that may be hazards so they know what to look out for.

Health and safety at work | Live and Work New Zealand

WorkSafe New Zealand

Checklist and welcome kits

This specific settlement information could be included in a welcome kit for your new worker, along with other readily available information to help your employees settle in.

For a full checklist and ideas for preparing a welcome kit, go to: 

Your checklist to plan ahead 

Create a welcome kit 

Other information to help you prepare

The Immigration New Zealand website has comprehensive sections for employers about settling in New Zealand. Use this to add further information to your welcome kit, as applicable for your situation. 

Settle migrant staff 

The Live and Work New Zealand website is a guide for people moving to New Zealand packed with useful, reliable information to help them get settled and localised information in the cities and regions pages: 

Live and Work New Zealand

New Zealand regions and cities | Live and Work New Zealand

Help for employers

The employer line is open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Call toll-free from NZ landlines only:
0508 967 569