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Roles exempt from the AEWV median wage threshold

If you want to hire migrants on the Accredited Employer Work Visa and the role is on this list you can pay less than the median wage.

You must meet a pay threshold

Specific jobs in construction and infrastructure, and tourism and hospitality must pay at least NZD $25 an hour.

Specific jobs in the care workforce sector must be paid at least NZD $25.39 an hour.

An AEWV holder paid below the median wage in these cases can hold the AEWV for 2 years before completing a stand-down for 12 consecutive months outside New Zealand, when they can get another AEWV for 2 years.

The migrant worker can get another visa for a job paid above the median wage without having to complete a stand-down period.

From 31 October 2022 five sector agreements will begin and the list of roles exempt from the AEWV median wage threshold will be updated.

Details of Sector Agreements for specific AEWV occupations announced