Next steps

Here’s what needs to happen before your candidate can start work.

1. Provide a job offer

If your candidate wants to apply for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, they’ll first need to send us an expression of interest (EOI).

Their EOI is more likely to be successful if they have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.

The job should be:

  • skilled employment
  • for at least 30 hours a week 
  • for permanent employment for 12 months or more , or on a contract basis, if your candidate can show us they have a  history of consistent contract work, a current contract for services, and that the work’s likely to be ongoing 
  • conditional on them getting a work visa.

2. Your candidate sends us an expression of interest

We use a points system to assess EOIs. We’ll award your candidate EOI points for their age, employment, work experience, and qualifications.

3. We invite your candidate to apply for residence

If your candidate’s EOI qualifies for enough points, we’ll invite them to apply for residence. Residence applications can take several months to process.

Your candidate may apply for a temporary work visa, which would allow them to work for you while we’re processing their residence application.

4. Your employee arrives in New Zealand and starts work

You have to make sure the people who work for you have the right to work in New Zealand.

You can use our online system to check.

Even if your employee is from an English-speaking background, it’s a good idea to help them settle in.

If you’re able to help your migrant employees to settle, they’ll be able perform well in your business, faster.

Check a candidate's visa status via VisaView

Settle Migrant Staff