Religious Workers Visa

If you represent an organisation that’s main purpose is to advance religion and that is also a registered charity, you may be able to recruit religious workers from overseas. You’ll need to be able to offer your candidates a job doing religious work and your sponsorship.

Provide your sponsorship

You must sponsor your candidate while they’re in New Zealand.

You must complete a 'Sponsorship Form for Religious Workers' and include:

  • a description of the religious work you’re sponsoring
  • evidence you have the financial ability to provide the sponsorship
  • an explanation why your organisation has a genuine need for the candidate to do religious work for it.

Acceptable sponsors

Sponsorship Form for Religious Workers (INZ1190) PDF 292KB

Provide a job

You must provide  your candidate with an offer of religious work.  If the work you’re offering is paid salary or wages, you must provide a copy of an employment agreement. If the work you’re offering is paid by any means other than salary or wages or is unpaid, then you must provide a description of that work.

The work must be in substantially one or more of the following religious activities:

  • teaching religious scripture or philosophy
  • leading religious ceremonies, worship or prayer
  • ordaining new religious leaders, initiating new members into your religious community, carrying out religious ceremonies
  • providing spiritual guidance and care.