Support a candidate's work visa application Recognised Seasonal Employers Limited work visa

For us to grant your workers visas to allow them to work for you, they must provide a copy of a written employment agreement. Employment agreements need to meet certain conditions.

What an employer needs to do

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Job offer

You must offer a job planting, maintaining, harvesting or packing crops

You must provide a written employment agreement, which must:

  • include your ATR and specific employment number(s) relating to the potential employee in question and contact details
  • comply with the conditions set out in your ATR
  • detail any voluntary deductions
  • comply with New Zealand employment law.

Minimum employment rights

Making voluntary deductions

People employed under the RSE policy may stay in New Zealand for up to seven months during any 11-month period. Exceptions to this are workers from Tuvalu and Kiribati, who can stay for nine months because of the distance from New Zealand and the cost of travel.

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