Support a candidate's work visa application Fishing Crew Work visa

Once you have received approval in principle, you can go ahead and recruit overseas workers. Before your new recruits can start working for you, they must apply for a work visa, which you’ll need to support.

What an employer needs to do

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Approval in principle

You must have Approval in Principle

If you want to employ 7 or more crew, you must have Approval in Principle, and provide crew with a copy of your Approval in Principle letter to include with their work visa applications.

If you want to employ fewer than 7 crew, you don't have to apply for Approval in Principle, but you must complete a 'Supplementary Form for Crew of a Fishing Vessel' for your crew to include with their work visa applications.

Supplementary Form for Foreign Crew of a Fishing Vessel (INZ 1213) PDF 309KB

Job offer

You must provide each crew member with an employment agreement in English and in their own language

Your employment agreement must:

  • provide minimum crew working conditions
  • comply with New Zealand employment and immigration law.


If you’re a foreign employer, your employment agreement must include the standard principles for crew employment agreements, which detail:

  • minimum crew working conditions
  • what you need to do to comply with New Zealand employment and immigration law.

Crew working conditions

Standard principles for crew employment agreements

Explaining crew rights and obligations


You must sponsor each crew member

You must provide a completed ‘Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry’ and include:

  • the details of each crew member you wish to sponsor, like their names, nationalities, dates of birth and passport details
  • evidence you’re an acceptable sponsor, like your AIP number and an explanation of the link between your activities and those that you’re sponsoring the crew to come to New Zealand for.

Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) PDF 414KB

What sponsors must do – responsibilities and obligations

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