Support a candidate's work visa application Essential Skills work visa

Once you’re approved in principle, you can go ahead and recruit workers from overseas. You can hire workers into the jobs stated in your application within the timeframe specified.

What an employer needs to do

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Job offer

You must provide a written employment agreement, which your candidate will need to support their application

Your job offer must:

  • be current at the time your candidate applies for their visa
  • be for full-time work

You must provide a written employment agreement as evidence of your job offer, which must include:

  • your name and contact details
  • your candidate’s name and contact details
  • your candidate’s job title
  • the address for your workplace
  • the kind of work your candidate will be doing and their responsibilities at work
  • details of any qualifications or work experience your candidate will need
  • information about whether your candidate will need New Zealand registration to do the work
  • how long the work is for
  • how long your candidate has to take up your offer
  • pay and work conditions that comply with New Zealand employment law.

Job offers must only be made to people with the minimum qualification(s) or experience specified in the letter confirming your approval in principle.

Employer supplementary form

You must complete a Supplementary Form (Section J) 

Give your completed form to your candidate and tell them to include it with their work visa application together with their employment agreement.

Employer Supplementary Form (INZ 1113) PDF 269KB


We may update this form often. Check you are using the latest version downloaded from this page.

You AIP approval letter must be included in each candidates visa application.

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