Support an entertainment act Short-term Entertainment Act Visitor visa

Once we’ve granted you approval, you can support the visitor visa applications of your performers and immediate support staff.

What an employer needs to do

Show all evidence Hide all evidence

Approved promoter

You must be an INZ 'approved' promoter to support acts for visitor visas

To become approved, the promoter must submit a proposal to INZ. If granted, approval will be valid for 4 years.

See the criteria and approval process

INZ will revoke approval where it considers that promoters or organisers’ conduct has created an unacceptable risk to the integrity of New Zealand's immigration or employment laws or policies.

Letter of invitation or support

You must provide applicants with a letter containing relevant information

The letter must include:

  • details of the performers and crew (full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and role)
  • date and venue of the performance
  • arrival and departure dates (if known)
  • any costs which are being covered by the promoter.


A copy of this letter should also be scanned and emailed to us at:

We recommend that you send us your support letter to us one month prior to the performance.


You may need to provide sponsorship for applicants

Applicants under this visa must either have sufficient funds to support themselves while in New Zealand or have an acceptable sponsor. Sufficient funds are considered to be $1000 per month or $400 per month if accommodation is paid for.

If you sponsor an applicant(s) you will need to complete a sponsorship form and provide evidence that show you are an acceptable sponsor. 

Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) PDF 414KB

Acceptable sponsor

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