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You can bring overseas entertainment industry workers to New Zealand without employer accreditation, but you first have to ask the relevant New Zealand entertainment union, guild or professional association for their agreement.

What an employer needs to do

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Genuine attempt to recruit

You must provide a reason the work can’t be done by New Zealanders

You must provide evidence to support your reason for employing an overseas entertainment industry worker, which may include documents that show that:

  • the overseas entertainer or performer is internationally recognised for their work or other contribution
  • finance for the production is contingent on the overseas entertainer or performer’s involvement
  • the production will bring wider economic benefits to New Zealand
  • New Zealanders had the opportunity to audition or pitch for the work but were unsuccessful.

Employing overseas entertainers


Job offer

You must provide a written employment agreement, which your candidate will need to support their application

For each person you hire, you must provide a written offer of employment, or contract for services that:

  • sets out the length of time they’ll need to be in New Zealand to do the work
  • includes a schedule describing the work they need to do in New Zealand
  • agrees to cover living and accommodation costs and the cost of your worker’s return home.

Referral for agreement

You must provide evidence that the relevant union or professional association has agreed to the engagement of the candidate


  • the job is 14 days or less; or
  • will be undertaken on an official co-production; or
  • is with a company that holds entertainment industry accreditation.

Employer supplementary form

You must complete a Supplementary Form (Section J) 

For each person you hire you must complete a Supplementary Form (Section J) of the ‘Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Personnel Work Visa Application'.

Once section J is completed, give the form to your candidate, who will need to complete the rest of the work visa application. 

Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Personnel Work Visa Application (INZ 1187) PDF 739KB

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