Support a candidate's work visa application Talent (Accredited Employers) Work visa

Once you’re accredited, you can go ahead and recruit overseas workers – you don’t have to check if there are any New Zealanders to do the work first. Before your new recruits can start working for you, they must obtain a work visa, which you’ll need to support.

What an employer needs to do

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Candidate can apply for a work visa

Your candidate must meet certain requirements to be eligible for a work visa

These include:

  • be aged 55 years or under
  • be in good health
  • be of good character
  • hold full or provisional New Zealand registration, if it’s needed to work in their occupation in New Zealand.

Occupational registration

If your candidate doesn’t meet these requirements, they won’t be eligible for a work visa. If your candidate can meet these requirements, they’ll be eligible to apply if they also provide a job offer from an accredited employer.

Accredited Employer List

Job offer

You must provide a written employment agreement, which your candidate will need to support their application

The offer must:

  • be current at the time they apply for a visa
  • be for full-time work
  • be for 2 years or more
  • pay at least NZD $79,560 a year (before tax)
  • be for work in your core area of business activity
  • make you directly responsible for your workers and the work that they do – this includes supervising your workers and paying their wages.


Employment agreements must also include:

  • your name and contact details
  • your candidate’s name and contact details
  • the job title
  • the address the work will be carried out
  • the kind of work your candidate will be doing and their responsibilities at work
  • details of any qualifications or work experience your candidate will need to do the work
  • information about whether your candidate will need New Zealand registration to do the work
  • how long the work will be for
  • how long your candidate has to take up the job offer
  • pay and work conditions that comply with New Zealand employment law.


Employer responsibilities and obligations

Employment agreements and rights

The minimum pay of NZD $79,560 is based on a 40 hour week. Any extra benefits like uniforms or medical insurance, or any extra hours of work must be paid on top of this. 

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