Support a candidate's residence application Talent (Accredited Employers) Residence visa

If you’ve supported a Talent (Accredited Employers) Work visa for one of your employees and they’ve been working for you for 2 years or more, they may be eligible, with your support, to apply for residence.

What an employer needs to do

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Ongoing employment

You must provide a letter confirming that your employee has been working for you for 2 years or more

Your letter must confirm:

  • the date your employee started working for you
  • that you’ve been paying your employee at least NZ $55,000 a year in salary or wages (based on a 40 hour week, and not including any employment-related benefits like uniforms or medical insurance) that they’ve been working for you full-time and include their hours of work
  • that they have ongoing employment with you
  • that the ongoing employment you’re offering will meet employment law, like providing a written employment agreement, meeting holiday and special leave requirements, and providing a safe workplace.

Maintain accreditation

You should be an accredited employer to support your employee's residence application

To maintain your employer accreditation, you must apply to renew it prior to its expiry. You can do this by completing an online ‘Employer Accreditation Application’.

Accredited Employers List


If you currently support a migrant worker on a Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa, they can now get a further work to residence visa without you being accredited.

Pathway to residence maintained for eligible migrant workers 


It’s a good idea to apply to renew your accreditation 3 months before it expires.

If you allow your accreditation to expire you may have to pay the full fee.

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