Become an accredited employer

To become accredited, you’ll need to be able show us you meet all of the criteria for accreditation – you can do this by providing the evidence we ask for. Before we make a decision about your accreditation application, we may consult with relevant New Zealand unions and other government agencies.

What you need to do

Financial position

Your company must be in a sound financial position. If available, you must provide the following business records covering at least 2 financial years:

  • annual reports
  • financial statements
  • business plans
  • company profile and registration details.

Human resources

You have good human resource practices. Your evidence should provide information about the structure of your business and how you manage your employees, including:

  • an organisation chart showing how many people you employ and the areas they work in
  • documents outlining your human resource policies and processes
  • health and safety documents
  • copies of standard employment agreements
  • details of any redundancies in your business within the last year.


We’ll work with relevant unions to assess if you meet this requirement.

Workplace practices

You must have good workplace practices. When you complete your 'Employer Accreditation Application', we’ll ask you:

  • about your compliance with employment and immigration law
  • for your authority to contact other New Zealand government agencies to assess if you meet this requirement.

Training and employing New Zealanders

You must be committed to training and employing New Zealanders. Evidence of your commitment can include:

  • proof of any in-house training or development programmes
  • proof of your involvement with New Zealand Industry Training Organisations
  • invoices for your employees to attend external training courses
  • apprenticeship or graduate programmes
  • any other documents you think show that you’re committed to training and employing New Zealanders.


We’ll work with relevant unions to assess if you meet this requirement.

Next steps

You apply for employer accreditation

Complete the 'Employer Accreditation Application' and send it to us together with your application fee and supporting documents.

To make sure your application is processed in time, it’s a good idea to apply 3 months before you need to start recruiting.

Employer Accreditation Application (INZ 1090) PDF 480KB
Fees guide (INZ 1028) PDF 272KB

We make a decision about your application

We’ll assess your application as soon as we can.

Before we make a decision about your application, we may:

  • consult with unions and other government agencies
  • ask for you more information
  • ask to visit your worksite
  • ask you to attend an interview.

If we approve your accreditation application, your accreditation will be valid for 12 months. We'll include your name on the 'Accredited Employers List'.

Accredited Employers List