Hiring workers in Queenstown

If you are recruiting workers for a role in Queenstown, the labour market test process may be a bit different.

Labour market tests in Queenstown

For roles with an ANZSCO skill level of 4 to 5, employers normally have to contact Work and Income to ensure there are no suitable New Zealanders available for the role. For Queenstown there are some roles that are exempt from this process. If your role is on this list you do not need to contact Work and Income, but you will need to provide evidence with the Work Visa application that you have advertised the role.

Queenstown Lakes District occupation exemption list

For roles with an ANZSCO Skill level of 1 to 3, you need to advertise as usual before supporting a work visa application.

Check the skill level of a role

We use Version 1.2 of ANZSCO unless the occupation is on the list of ANZSCO occupations we treat as an exception. 

ANZSCO Version 1.2 | Australian Bureau of Statistics

List of ANZSCO occupations treated as an exception

Employing workers with essential skills

Our guide outlines the labour market test process for Essential Skills work visa applications in the Queenstown region.

Queenstown Employer Guide PDF 340KB