Hiring in Canterbury and Queenstown

If you are looking to recruit workers for a role in Canterbury or Queenstown, the process may be a little different.


For Canterbury-based roles, you may need to register the vacancy with the Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub if it is low skilled and not on a Skill Shortage List.

The Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub was established to help employers fill job vacancies to support the Canterbury rebuild. It can help you streamline and speed up your recruitment in the Canterbury region by providing an avenue for listing job opportunities and matching available New Zealanders to them.

If New Zealanders are not available, then the Skills Hub will speed up visa applications by confirming the situation in a letter. This confirmation can be attached to a work visa application of a migrant wanting to fill the vacancy. The letter means we will not have to do further checks to see if there are New Zealanders available for the job.

The Skills Hub rule applies to jobs in the Canterbury region. This area comprises of:

  • Christchurch City Council
  • Waimakariri District Council
  • Selwyn District Council.

The Skills Hub has highly experienced and well-connected skills brokers who can scan across all sectors, including the Work and Income database and the tertiary sector. It also has a website to help match job seekers to employers.

The Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub

When an employer must use the Skills and Employment Hub

Employers in the Canterbury region must use the Skills Hub before supporting work visa applications for occupations that are not:

  • highly skilled (i.e.the job is ANZSCO skill level 3-5), or
  • on the Canterbury Skill Shortage List, or
  • on the Immediate or Long Term Skill Shortage Lists.

Employers applying for Approval in Principle (AIP) or pre-approval to recruit for multiple positions must also use the Skills Hub if the occupation is ANZSCO skill level 3-5, and not on one of the Essential Skills in Demand lists.

You do not need to use the Skills Hub if your vacancy is highly skilled (ie. ANZSCO skill level 1-2), however, you can still choose to use it if you wish.

Skill Shortage List Checker 
Request for Approval in Principle to Recruit Overseas Workers (INZ 1112) PDF 282KB
Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)


If you are recruiting workers for a role in Queenstown, the labour market test process may be a bit different.

For roles with an ANZSCO skill level of 4-5, employers normally have to contact Work and Income to ensure there are no suitable New Zealanders available for the role. There is a list of roles in Queenstown that are exempt from this process. If your role is on this list you do not need to contact Work and Income, but you will need to provide evidence with the Work Visa application that you have advertised the role.

For roles with an ANZSCO Skill level of 1-3, you need to advertise as usual before supporting a work visa application.

Queenstown Employer Guide PDF 911KB
Queenstown Lakes District occupation exemption list
Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)