Maintain your work exchange approval

If you want your work exchange to continue, you’ll need to request re-approval yearly. You’ll need to confirm that the information from your initial proposal is still correct and include information about the number of people who have taken part in the scheme in the last 12-24 months.

What you need to do

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Request scheme re-approval

For your work exchange scheme to continue, you must request re-approval yearly

You must provide a written statement confirming that all the information from your first proposal is still correct, including information about:

  • Organisers and scheme guarantors
  • Participating countries
  • Eligible participants
  • Accommodation
  • Employment and maintenance
  • Medical insurance
  • Length of the exchange
  • Expected annual numbers
  • Travel arrangements
  • Selection of participants
  • Other information.


If anything has changed, you’ll need to include information about the changes with your request.

You’ll also provide information about the number of people who have taken part in the scheme in the last 12 - 24 months.

Work Exchange schemes are approved for 12 months.

It’s a good idea to request re-approval at least 3 months before the previous approval expires.

There is no fee for re-approving a work exchange scheme.

How to reapply

Immigration costs

Application cost

There is no fee for re-approving work exchange schemes.



within 17 months

90% of applications are currently completed within this time. Timeframes are in calendar days.


Send us a your statement

You send us your written statement confirming all information is still correct.

Receiving centre details

Receiving centres handle the administrative, non-decision making activities surrounding the lodgement of a visa application. The information here is a guide only. For the most up to date and accurate information please visit the the website as listed below.

Postal address

Work Exchange Scheme Approval
Operations Support, Visa Services
Immigration New Zealand
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140
New Zealand


Phone enquiries
Monday to Saturday
06:00 to 24:00

Closed Sunday


We assess your statement

When we assess your statement We look at all the information you have provided from the criteria above.

We may ask you for more information, if It is needed to make a decision about your work exchange scheme.

If we approve your proposal, your scheme approval will be valid for 12 months.


Continue to accept people into your scheme

The people you accept into your work exchange scheme must apply for a work visa before they can come to New Zealand. To do this, they’ll need to complete a ‘Work Visa Application’ and provide evidence they have:

  • been accepted into an approved work exchange scheme
  • medical and dental insurance
  • arranged to leave New Zealand at the end of the stay, which can include travel tickets, or a written guarantee from the New Zealand guarantor.

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