Apply for Recognised Seasonal Employer Status

To be granted Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) status, you’ll need to show us you meet all of the criteria for becoming an RSE – you can do this by providing all the evidence we ask for.

What you need to do

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Financial position

You must be in a sound financial position

The evidence you have to provide can include: 

  • a signed statement of credit worthiness from you confirming that your business is financially viable and that you know of no adverse credit matters affecting your business
  • a statement from a chartered accountant confirming your business is financially sound and is able to meet all its outstanding contingent liabilities
  • an authenticated set of accounts showing your business is in a sound financial position.

Human resource

You must have good human resource practices

Evidence can include:

  • a copy of your human resource manual or guidelines
  • a written statement detailing your human resource policies and practices
  • pastoral care arrangements for overseas workers
  • documents showing you pay your workers market rates.

Training and employing New Zealanders

You must be committed to training and employing New Zealanders

You may need to provide some of the following for evidence:  

  • proof of any in-house training or development programmes
  • proof of your involvement with New Zealand Industry Training Organisations
  • invoices for your employees to attend external training courses
  • a document detailing the steps you’ve taken in the last 12 months to recruit New Zealand workers
  • documents showing you advertised for New Zealand workers
  • a letter of support from an industry body confirming your commitment to recruiting New Zealanders
  • records of any communication with Work and Income about recruiting New Zealanders.

Workplace practices

You must have good workplace practices

Evidence can include a copy of your business’ health and safety policies and procedures.

How to apply

Immigration costs

Application cost

NZD ($) $ 960

You must be a New Zealand employer in New Zealand to apply.



within 7 months

90% of applications are currently completed within this time.


Apply for Recognised Seasonal Employer Status

Before you consider hiring seasonal workers from overseas, you must first check there are no New Zealanders willing and able to do the work.

If none are available, you can apply for Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Status by completing an ‘Application for Recognised Seasonal Employer Status’. You‘ll need to send it to us together with your application fee and supporting documents.

Receiving centre details

Receiving centres handle the administrative, non-decision making activities surrounding the lodgement of a visa application. The information here is a guide only. For the most up to date and accurate information please visit the the website as listed below.

Payment methods

Credit Card
You can pay with Visa or MasterCard. We take payment when we receive your application. You must have enough funds available on the day we receive your application or it may be returned to you.

Postal address

Immigration New Zealand
P O Box 50728
Porirua 5240
New Zealand


Phone enquiries
Monday to Saturday
06:00 to 24:00

Closed Sunday

Other notes

Applications made in New Zealand

For applications made in New Zealand, there is no courier fee to be paid for applications or documents to be returned.


We grant your RSE Status

To be granted RSE status, you will need to be in a sound financial position and have good workplace and human resource practices. You will also need to show us that you are committed to recruiting and training New Zealanders to work in your industry.


Apply for an Agreement to Recruit

Before you can recruit overseas workers, you must apply for an Agreement to Recruit (ATR) by completing an ‘Application for an Agreement to Recruit’.


Wait for a decision

Once you are granted an ATR, you can go ahead and offer jobs to seasonal workers from overseas.

You will need to support your workers’ visa applications by providing them with written employment agreements outlining the work and their working conditions.

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